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New Missouri Meerschaum Replacement Bit
FREEHAND (Black) Non-Filtered Vulcanized Rubber

This is an Original Replacement Bit For the current Missouri Meerschaum Freehand Pipe*

*The current Freehand pipes feature a metal ferrule on the wooden Shank.  This bit will not fit older Freehand pipes that do not feature a metal ferrule.

This is just about as good as a pipe bit gets.  It’s made of Vulcanized rubber, and is on par with similar premium bits that sell for $20 and up! 

Originally designed to fit the Freehand Pipe, this upgrade bit now fits ANY of the Filtered Missouri Meerschaum pipes!  Note, that this bit does not accept a filter, so adding it to a filtered pipe will render it non-filtered.

As frustrating as it might be the fact remains that the bit portion of pipes occasionally need to be replaced.  Why?  Because we bite them!  Seriously, some folks bite harder than others; some pipes hang in the mouth in such a way that the bits are under more stress than others, and lastly for reselling it’s always better to offer the pipe with a fresh bit with no teeth marks. 

These Freehand Bits are made in Italy from vulcanite and are non-filtered.  These non-filtered bent bits only fit our Freehand pipes, as well as the other Filtered Pipes we have.

Please note that we only stock bits for the current Missouri Meerschaum line.

Here's a video that I shot in 2011 when Missouri Meerschaum made the change to the Freehand pipe and this vulcanized rubber bit that allows it to now fit all of the filtered pipes.


This Bit Will Fit The Following Pipes:


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by Mark
on 9/1/2016
Makes a real pipe out of a corncob
even if your corncob burns out, you can buy a new one for 5 bucks and always have this $10 stem. where else can you get a good pipe for a total of $15?
by Randy
on 2/18/2016
Loving the cob more with this bit!
If you're looking to change original bit the pipe comes with, this freehand has a great weight and strong feel about it. Smokes great on my Country Gent pipes. Popped them right on and had no trouble with them. Highly recommended solution!
by Matt J
on 3/3/2014
Good value, better with DIY finish work
First, glad I found Aristocob - great site and service. I love my 2 MMs (C.Gent & Wash., both bents) except for the narrow bits. This bit solves that, but it is a bit crude. About a half hour with sandpaper and 0000 steel wool solved that. The bend is too much for my pipes, but it's easily straightened. Put a pipe cleaner through the stem, bend at bit end to hold stem, put stem in microwaveable vessel, use other end of cleaner to hang stem on rim, fill with enough water to cover the area you want to bend, take stem out, get water to boil, put stem in, and when it's warmed up, straighten. In my case, the stem relaxed and straightened itself once it got warm. Might want to put on a thin pair of gloves and have some cold water running so you can handle the stem and cool it off at the proper bend. I'm sure it would be no problem to create a straight stem with this method. The hot water caused no oxidation. So, with a little work I have a very serviceable stem. Not as nice as a Forever Stem, but $8 vs. $24, and I'm a cheap guy.
by John
on 6/11/2013
Great purchase
I took a chance and bought three of these and I have to say that I really like them! They look and feel great. They really set off the look of my C.G. & my G.D. and the service was wonderful.
by Thomas
on 3/1/2013
Well worth the chance!
I'll start by agreeing with Scott on the prices of relacement stems, its crazy. Now, I did not buy this for one of my cobs. I bought it for one of my more expensive bria's. I knew it would be too big around to fit the bria pipe, but with a little careful filing it popped right in! It smokes great and looks as good as the oiginal. Maybe better! Thanks!!!
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