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New Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe
PONY EXPRESS (Amber Finish)
Straight Stem

The Pony Express is one of the smaller corn cob pipes we offer from Missouri Meerschaum. This pipe features a straight, unfiltered stem.  If you like a small pipe like this, take a look at the Mizzou for a bent pipe, and the "Neked" Lady Godiva for an unfinished version of the Pony Express. 

BTW, on an interesting side note: The Pony Express pipe can be converted into an interesting pipe that has become a bit of a Youtube sensation as the Bing Crosby inspired "Cobsby" by simply swapped out the stock "Royal" bit with the "Slim" bit. Just select "Cobsby" from the dropdown above and we'll be happy to make the swap at no charge! 

Please watch the video below for important information on the SMALL size of this pipe.



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by Matthew Byrom
on 5/2/2015
Ideal pipe for travelling & a quick smoke
Bought a couple of these pipes a couple of months ago now (Superb delivery & packing to UK, by the way) and they are now my pipes of choice. The pipes give me 15-ish minutes of smoking. Great to take a break with and slots into my evening chill-out just fine. Small bowl so it cannot take a lot of tobacco. With tobacco prices always creeping up in the UK, it's good to be able to eke out a tin of tobacco a little bit longer but still enjoy a smoke. :) Very light so if you need 2 hands you can work & keep this between your teeth for ages with no jaw-ache. Amazingly portable. I can slip one in my top pocket for a smoke on the go. Ideal for traveling. Only took hand luggage on a flight abroad & 2 pipes like these are nothing, space-wise. If they were going to break in transit, for the price, I wouldn't worry about it. Obviously not appropriate for a long evening, they just don't have the capacity. If you were going to do that you'd choose a bigger pipe in the range. Think I've found my ideal pipe.
by Peter
on 2/18/2015
One of my favourites!!!!
I have been smoking one Pony Express for literally 10 years! I have had hundreds of bowls in this one pipe alone and it is still going strong! This pipe was thrown in as a added gift with another pipe purchase and no other pipe in my collection has had as much smoking time as this one Pony Express has. If Scott at Aristocob wasn't offering so much in the way of variety, I would probably buy seven of these and smoke each one a few times a day! Great pipe!
by Joey
on 7/21/2013
Nice quick smoke
The Pony Express is a nice little pipe for when you want to try new blends or if time isn't exactly on your side. I take mine to work every other day and smoke it during my lunch breaks. It should allow for about a 15 to 20 minute smoke. I gave it 4 stars because it does tend to get really hot after a few minutes, to the point that it can be uncomfortable to hold. At this point, I hold it by the stem. All in all though, this is not a huge deal.
by Shoog
on 3/30/2013
Work Pipe
Great for quick coffee breaks at work.
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