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B3~Patriotw/Bent Non-Filter Slim Bit (Black)
$ 12.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
B3a~Patriotw/Bent Non-Filter Slim Bit (Amber)
$ 12.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
S3~Patriotw/Straight Non-Filter Slim Bit (Black)
$ 12.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist
S3a~Patriotw/Straight Non-Filter Slim Bit (Amber)
$ 12.87Add to CartAdd to Wishlist

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New Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe
PATRIOT (Black Finish)
Choice Of Bent Or Straight Stem / Black Or Amber Bit

This is a very classic style from the 1776 collection and as such has been a popular choice for Civil War reenactments. It features a handsome Dark Burnished Bowl and an unfiltered bent stem. The large unique shaped bowl features a genuine hardwood bottom to prevent premature burn-through!


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by Dominic
on 9/11/2020
Another awesome MM pipe. I like the look of the unusual bowl, and how it feels while piping. Definitely large enough bowl to enjoy for over an hour, or several shorter smokes throughout the day.
by Richard B
on 3/25/2019
The best place to buy pipes
The pipe is excellent and I wouldn’t expect anything less. The real MVPs are the people running the company. The quality control is amazing, customer service is exceptional. Scott and Jandy know how to treat people right. The prices on all of their selections are great but even if they charged three times as much as anyone else I’d still buy my pipes here. Side note: I ordered this on 3/22 (Friday) late afternoon and it was on my doorstep 3/25 (Monday). I’ve never had a package shipped that quickly.
by mark
on 12/1/2014
patriot pipe
the pipe is beautiful and the customer service is the best that I have ever experienced. they really go above and beyond to make sure the customer is completely satisfied.
by Jesse
on 3/16/2014
Patriot Bent Cob
Wow this cob is huge!! The inside bowl diameter is 1 1/2 inches and the outside is over two... I was expecting a much smaller pipe and the quality is much higher than what I expected! The shank does not have the bamboo look like my older MM Cobs so maybe this is how the new bobs look? Awesome smoker and its a sitter!
by Matt
on 1/9/2012
Prefered woods pipe.
I have a few Missouri Meerschaum corncob pipes and while they all smoke well the patriot is the best looking of the bunch for me. This is my favorite pipe when I'm in the back-country hiking, camping, fishing ect. The bowl is just right for me to enjoy a quick smoke when I've got other things going on. I enjoy the General for a nice long smoke on the porch at home but when I've got wood to cut, fish to catch, or I'm just taking a break on the trail I prefer the Patriot. All my Missouri Meerschaum pipes can be smoked without a filter but since the patriot was designed for no filter and the stem is narrower it draws better for me without a filter and that's one less thing I have to throw in my pack. Plus, it looks the part! As with all Missouri Meerschaum pipes it smokes nice and cool and breaks in quick. The hardwood plug in the bottom is a nice touch as well, no worries about it burning through prematurely.
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