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S3~MacCls(N)w/Straight Non-Filter Slim Bit (Black)
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S3a~MacCls(N)w/Straight Non-Filter Slim Bit (Amber)
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New Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe
MacARTHUR CLASSIC ('Neked' Unfinished) 
Straight Stem

This HUGE pipe was made famous by General Douglas MacArthur and was originally made to his precise specifications. This is a factory-fresh Natural Bowl MacArthur style pipe features a straight unfiltered stem. Unlike most of the other Missouri Meerschaum pipes this distinctive and MASSIVE pipe was hand turned by a skilled craftsman. (And it's LARGE too!)


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by Cristian
on 7/31/2019
Excellent Pipe
Just smoked this pipe the first time today (after the modifications - pipe mud and some finishing touches). Great pipe, cool smoke and easy to keep lit. And of course a big thank you to Scott and Jandy for your very fast service.
by Matthew
on 12/1/2013
Smokes great, but watch out for burn through!
I've had a polished or smooth Mac for a while now, and love it. Went ahead and ordered a new one and picked up one of these as well. About 1/3 of the way through my first smoke I noticed I had burned a hole in the side! A quick message to Scott and he sent a new one my way and told me how I could repair the burnt one with some pipe mud. The new one smoked beautifully, and the old one smokes as well now that I've repaired it! I think I still prefer the look and feel of the smoother pipe in my hand, and I kind of prefer bent pipes, but this one is definitely going to be smoked regularly!
by Bernhard
on 8/29/2013
Just Great!
This is just a great pipe! It looks real cool and it smokes real cool! You can pack it tight, so you will get probably three hours of great smoke, or you can pack it less tight and you can do it in one hour of pleasure. I love to have a walk through the city with this pipe and enjoy the stunned faces of the people who come along my way ;)
by Jeff M.
on 3/25/2013
My Order
Just got my shipment today very fast service. Five cobbs total the nat mac is one this one is huge probably take 3 hours to clean but thats ok. The freehand and country gent are beautifull. The ppls at aristocobwere very helpfull. Scott has some great tips on youtube for pipe smokers. I give it a 4 mainly cause i havent burned a bowl yet. I just wanted to Thank Aristo for delivering a wonderull order. When it comes to MM cobbs Aristo is my domain. Jeff in the motown of the South Atlanta Ga.
by James
on 3/1/2012
Perfect long smoke!
Wow I love this pipe! Not only does it look good on display and sticking out of your mouth but it smokes really really well! First.. great service from Scot. The pipe is nice to hold as it is a natural cob, nice & bristly on the outside. I filled it with Mellow Virginia which is not great in a briar for me. In this 'Mac' however it tasted far superior and being all natural the draw was superb too. The tobacco went (after a looong smoke) to the bottom with no relight and no bitterness. Amazing value for money and my all new fave pipe.
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