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New Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe
MIZZOU (Amber Finish)
Bent Stem

The Mizzou is one of the three smallest corn cob pipes we offer from Missouri Meerschaum. This pipe features a bent, unfiltered stem.  If you like a small pipe like this, take a look at the straight Pony Express, and the "Neked" Lady Godiva for an unfinished version of the Pony Express. 

Please watch the video below for important information on the SMALL size of this pipe.



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by Captain
on 4/16/2016
It just fits!!!! 10-15 min great
by J Paul
on 12/4/2014
Great Beginner Pipe
I am a novice Piper, who taking the advice of other Cobbunists, decided to get an inexpensive Cob Pipe. The Mizzou has a relatively small bowl and an unfiltered draft. It is a very easy draw. Since the Cob pipes burn cooler it is perfect for aromatic blends... If you're just getting started and want a pipe to try out, you can't go wrong with the Mizzou... Sweet Smokes to ya... J Paul
by Brent
on 1/25/2014
Perfect little pipe
Let me start by saying that I am a very slow smoker. When I smoked cigarettes, I would smoke what was called 72s which were smaller so I could finish at the same time as everybody else. This was my first pipe and still my favorite (new to pipes) it smokes nice and easy and for you fast smokers, perfect for a quick smoke at work. I have since purchased more MM and was shocked with the size difference. So if you are a slow smoker or need something for that quick break, you will not be disappointed with this little worker.
by jack
on 9/13/2013
>> I decided to buy this pipe along with the Pony Express; because I saw Alford's video where he had purchased both the Mizzou and the Pony Express. So I decided to order both pipes. >> I was a little Leary about the small bole. Well let me tell you this little pipe is a real smoker. It draws smooth and the bole doesn't get hot. I've been smoking Flying Dutchman Tobacco in it;and it burns all the way to the bottom. I thought I was going to only get a 10 minute smoke out of it. But, no way. With careful tamping and my Bic Light I get a sold 25 minutes out of it. When I want a smoke where I don't have to worry about the pipe not smoking correctly I pick up my little Mizzou Pipe. Sit back and relax; and let my mind wonder. I usually load it up twice. That give me a good 50 minutes of smoking my pipe. Which is about all I want to smoke at one time. --- HAPPY PUFFING MY FRIENDS -- Jack :)
by Dave
on 6/2/2013
Short smoke perfection
It is what it s folks. Small pipe for a short smoke. Weighs virtually nothing so is very easy on the jaw. Daws easily and smokes perfectly. Works thousands of times better than my spendy small briar pipes that heat up, gurgle etc.
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