United States Shipment Tracking Information
The tracking information for all orders shipped to the USA are included.  We use USPS online shipping through Paypal and will send you the tracking number through email, as well as posting it to your order account.  There you will find a link for the Delivery Confirmation and Tracking Information Number. Kindly note: status updates can take up to 48 hours . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

International Shipment Tracking Information
The tracking information fo all orders shipped via First Class International mail will be included.  However, the tracking is not always reliable but is getting better.  Unfortunately, some packages are held by customs with no notice and can make the time of receiving the order seem very long. We do our best to fill out all information properly to keep this from happening and do our best to abide with all International shipping demands.

Will I need to pay tariff or additional taxes? Maybe
Some countries charge tariffs or taxes on imported items, and some are particularly harsh on tobacco smoking supplies.  We've shipped hundreds of orders to some of these countries, and have received just a few messages saying that their orders were delivered with a tariff charge.  We suspect that only a small percentage ever get assed these taxes, but it could happen to your order.  Note that you are responsible for these charges, so know the risks when you place your order.


Expected Delivery Time
We do our best to SHIP within 2 business days for all orders, unless there is a backorder problem or other reason for our delay (sometimes those grandkids distract me :)

Expected Delivery Time from that date:
: First class - 3-10 days, Priority Mail- 2-6 days
: First class - 2-3 weeks *
     -Europe (except
Italy) and Australia: First class - 3-4 weeks *
and Asia: First Class – up to 6-8 weeks 

*Yes, we have heard back from customers who received their orders MUCH faster than these estimates, but then again we’ve had a few that have taken longer due to Customs delays.


Serving overseas in the US military or buying pipe as a gift for a out of country US serviceperson?  If your order is shipping to an APO or an FPO address it would be our honor to cover the cost of the shipping.  Just enter coupon code "APO" at checkout (Use this code for FPO's too).  Thank you for your service to our country!  


Do you combine shipping? Yes!
Shipping on multiple purchases is gladly combined. It only makes perfect sense. Here is how it works. First you want to make sure that you log in.  This will create an account for your items while you shop.  You have 30 days to look around, shop, add items to your cart or take them out.  Once you are done shopping simply go to the Checkout and, well… check out.  Please note that your items may be removed from your cart after 30 days, but you can always add them back again. Truth is though that they are much more useful out of your cart and in your hand.  I’m just saying.


What will be my shipping cost?
For 1 item - please scroll down to the bottom of the listing and click Add to Cart.  Once in your cart you’ll need to update the Shipping Calculator with your country, your town and you Zip or Postal Code. Then hit GO to update.

For more than 1 item - yes, we combine orders. If you are considering MULTIPLE purchases, please EMAIL for COMBINED invoice before paying.  If you checkout yourself, please note that we can no longer send refunds for the difference - we just cannot do it because of the volume – several hundred purchases last month (thank you!) and only one employee – my lovely bride Jandy, and she’s just doing this because she likes me.


Do you charge a handling fee?  Sort Of.
While not a separate fee, we do have a reasonable handling fee calculated into the shipping charge to cover non-postage shipping expenses.  S&H is not a source of revenue for Aristocob.


Can I return the item if I change my mind? YES! 

However ... Contact Us First Please (see below).  It depends on what the reason is, but there is no need for you to spend extra $ shipping a broken (during shipping) pipe back to us. Let us know what the issue is and we will let you know how to proceed.  Aristocob will make it right no matter what the reason is. 

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and would like to return it for a full refund, we just ask that you return the item(s) unused within 30 days in the original packaging for a cheerful refund the purchase price. Kindly keep in mind that at that point your shipping money will have been spent on shipping and that Post Office will not return the shipping cost regardless of how much you hate your purchase.  This is a small cost compare to living with something that gets on your nerves. So if you don't mind losing money on shipping, please go ahead and return it for a refund of the item’s price. If the item is substantially different from the description, Aristocob will reimburse the shipping cost as well.


Can I pay by personal check?  Sure Can!

You can pay by Paypal, personal check, money order or cash, as long as it is in US dollars. We will wait for your check to clear. Well... we might, if it is a very large amount. We will take cash any day (who wouldn't), but, as you know, cash, well-concealed or otherwise, is sent at your own risk. 


Can I Contact You With Questions About My Order? Yes

1) Check Your Account
The best way to find out information about your order is to check your account.  We do our  best to update each order ASAP with important information like payment accepted, shipping & tracking information, back order posibilities, etc.  You can even add items to your order if is has not shipped yet or send a special note attacehed to your order with special requests.  I do my best to see them all! 

2) Send An Email
You may email us at and we will get back you ASAP. 

3) Finally You May Text Or Leave Voicemail
Another option is to text us at 336-701-COBS (336-701-2627) or leave a voice mail and we will get back with you. However, because we do not have 'business hours', we do not answer the phone or check it as often as we do our emails or texts.