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Custom Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe
Dagner "Sitting Poker"
Custom Design With Italian Bit And Unique Logo On Bottom

We are happy to announce and offer the new Jason Dagner designed "Sitting Poker", which is the first "Dagner Pipe Designs" Custom Corn Cob Pipe.

And what makes this pipe so special? Let's begin with the size. It comes in at a small 4½ inch length, but features a large 2 inch tall bowl.  This is roughly the same size bowl as that found on our popular "Kolonel" pipe. For a pipe with a small footprint, it has a tremendous capacity. The unfiltered hardwood shank features a gorgeous silver-tone band and the high-quality Italian acrylic stem is outstanding!  Top all this off with the combined Dagner Pipe Design / Missouri Meerschaum logo imprinted on the hardwood plug in the bottom commemorating this collaboration.

Obviously at $20+ for what is, after all just a corncob pipe, it may not be for you. But if you've always wanted a higher quality corncob pipe that is extra special, then this pipe is definitely something you will want to add to your collection!


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by david
on 5/14/2017
Its Hype > Its Quality
I have never had it gurgle like one person said, but in all honesty, this is my least favorite pipe I own.
by Mark Bishop
on 2/1/2017
Great company!!!!
Im a first time buyer at Aristocob and let me say that I wish all business in our country was conducted the way these people do it! They go far above and beyond to take care of their customers without even being ask. My pipes look perfect. I could not have hand picked them out of a box of a hundred any better myself. I will be back many times! Thanks!
by Ake
on 1/23/2017
Want a fancy over priced cob that gurgles then get this one. I have Eatons, Morgans, Country Gentlemans and Mark Twains, none of them gurgles. Sorry to say but this beautiful thing gurgles on its one. I have heard of things how to work it better, but you know...
by Bilal
on 12/28/2016
What a Poker !
I love this pipe. It's a looker and smokes like a chimney. Thanks for throwing in the golf tamper Scott.
by Thomas
on 4/25/2016
Dagner Cob
Could say this pipe is awesome but we all know that already. Team up Jayson Dagner, M.M., and Aristocob and thats a combo that no one can beat! Thanks! This Poker made my day!
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