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Custom Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe
Dagner "Sitting Poker"
Custom Design With Italian Bit And Unique Logo On Bottom

We are happy to announce and offer the new Jason Dagner designed "Sitting Poker", which is the first "Dagner Pipe Designs" Custom Corn Cob Pipe.

And what makes this pipe so special? Let's begin with the size. It comes in at a small 4½ inch length, but features a large 2 inch tall bowl.  This is roughly the same size bowl as that found on our popular "Kolonel" pipe. For a pipe with a small footprint, it has a tremendous capacity. The unfiltered hardwood shank features a gorgeous silver-tone band and the high-quality Italian acrylic stem is outstanding!  Top all this off with the combined Dagner Pipe Design / Missouri Meerschaum logo imprinted on the hardwood plug in the bottom commemorating this collaboration.

Obviously at $20+ for what is, after all just a corncob pipe, it may not be for you. But if you've always wanted a higher quality corncob pipe that is extra special, then this pipe is definitely something you will want to add to your collection!


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by Gregory
on 10/11/2020
My new favorite pipe
This is now my favorite pipe. I almost didn't order it after reading about wet smokes in other reviews but this has not been my experience. Great smoker. I think I may be ordering another.
by Keith
on 7/8/2020
Replace the bit
I actually received a Dagner in a bag of smokable seconds (yeah, I know) and it is by far my favorite cob of over 20 I own. I never could find the flaw. That being said, it came with a Danish bit. I believe some of the complaints about the pipe are a result of that special bit the Dagners use. So buy the pipe & spend another $0.65 on a replacement bit & live happily ever after.
by Daniel
on 2/14/2019
Near Perfect Cob With One Major Caveat
So the Dagner Cob really is a great pipe. It's compact, it's a sitter, it has a great chamber size, it looks great, and it's an all around badass pipe. However, due to the drilling on the bit itself, this pipe is prone to gurgling unless you either redrill the bit (which is pretty easy if you have the tools) or swap it out for a Danish bit. So... if you don't have the tools, just order a Danish bit of your choice color at the same time that you order this pipe.
by Nick
on 8/1/2018
Great overall, needs minor modification
I love this pipe. It's got a good sized bowl that gives me ~45 min of smoking time, depending on what and how is packed in there. I'll echo the concerns that others have mentioned with regard to gurgling, but it's easy to fix. The shank is drilled plenty big enough for ample airflow, but the mouthpiece is pretty restrictive. I ran a bigger drill bit through mine, and that opened up the airway enough that it smokes like a champ now. Dagners are great people, and so are the Aristocob's :D
by Mark
on 11/29/2017
Gurglers !?!?!
I love my MM cobs! Compared to some good briar I have they are the coolest, driest smokers for the money. And, with care they last. That said, I've purchased TWO Dagner Pokers, almost a year apart, and they both SMOKED WET. I had hoped that my first one was the odd exception. The second was no different. Aesthetically, this poker is such a beautiful, classic design. They were well constructed with good attention to fit, alignment and solid materials. Mine just didn't smoke well. I can't understand why the physics of this design produced such poor results. My other cobs are far superior smokers. I've discarded both Dagners in frustration. I have never had to run a pipe cleaner through any of my cobs while smoking them, let alone do so multiple times throughout the smoke. It wasn't the tobacco either, as the same baccy worked fine in my other cob models (Danish Egg, Country Gents, Freehand and Legends), I would have loved to give this model a better rating, but appearance isn't everything. Aristocob gets a 6 star rating as a company. Excellent service!
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