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Custom Missouri Meerschaum
New Corn Cob Pipe

Chris Morgan "Cob Cigar" Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipe
Custom Design With Straight Non-Filter Bowl

The Cob Cigar is currently unavailable and as soon as it becomes available, we will have them for you. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Back in 2015 Chris Morgan entered a corn cob version of this now famous "Briar Cigar" in our Cobfoolery contest and took second place in the Professional Classic category. That might have been the end of the story but many of us thought that this was an idea worth pursuing, so just like he did when his Cob Wasp entry from the 2014 Cobfoolery made it to market, Chris began working with Missouri Meerschaum to make the Cob Cigar a production pipe! The Cob Cigar is a reverse Calabash style-pipe, meaning that once the smoke leaves the tobacco combustion chamber it moves into a second cooling chamber where it drops off some of its heat and moisture to provide a smooth, dry and cool smoking experience. The tobacco chamber holds approximately “15-20 minutes worth” of tobacco. The acrylic mouthpiece forms the head of the Cob Cigar, snugly fitting into the cooling chamber, and gives the pipe the look of a Figurado shaped cigar. The pipe comes with a cork so that you can cap the tobacco chamber. I've been smoking one of these for several months and can advise you to keep the opening facing up for the first few burns between puffs, until the chamber gets a nice layer of carbon built up, otherwise you might be looking at a burn-through. Anyway, I really like my Cob Cigar and I think you'll enjoy the conversations that it'll spark!

Figurado cigar shaped Length: 5 in/127 mm
Chamber Diameter: .5 in/12.7 mm
Chamber Depth: 2.25 in/57.15 mm

Here's a pic of Chris with his original 2015 Cobfoolery entry and here's a link to Chris' silly entry video: 


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