Hello and welcome to the new Aristocob!

I'm Scott, and along with Jandy, my bride of almost 30 years, we make-up a little company we like to call "Aristocob".  I've been enjoying sweet-smoking Missouri Meerschaum corn cob smoking pipes since the early 1980's and after several years of switching back and forth from corn cob pipes to briar pipes I finally gave-in to the fact that I just like cob the best!  I even started blogging about a specific metal pipe that used a corn cob liner, which was called the Aristocob.  After a chance visit to the Missouri Meerschaum factory in Washington, MO, Jandy and I decided we would finally get serious about these wonderful pipes and in 2007 we opened our eBay store; coincidentally also named "Aristocob".  While it was a good start, the eBay store was very expensive, so finally we opened and haven't looked back since. 
BTW, the reality is that Jandy is the brains and the muscle behind our site.  I may be the voice and the inspiration behind it, but Jandy is more than likely the one who will fulfill your order and communicate with you.
At we feature only NEW, unsmoked Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes and corn cob pipes from Canadian pipemaker Riccardo Santia.  Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes have been enjoyed by millions since the founder was granted a US patent way back in 1869!  They are quite inexpensive, impart a slightly sweet taste to the smoke, and best of all have no difficult "break-in" period like briar tobacco pipes. Aristocob's pipes are collectible & can even be used to help you if you goal is to stop cigarette smoking!

What’s different about the Corn Cob Pipes at than those sold at stores and online?  That's a great question!  
Ya know, we used to buy these wonderful pipes from our local pipe shop, but because they cut into the sales of their expensive briar pipes they stopped selling them in the larger, practical sizes.  Today most of the Missouri Meerschaum pipes you'll find are on the small end of the spectrum.  Our focus is on the larger, hard to find sizes and shapes.  I think you'll agree that these are some handsome pipes! 
Check-out our Youtube channel at: where we talk about How To Get The Most Enjoyment Out Of Your Corn Cob Pipes!
One last thought.  If you've searched locally or online for corn cob pipes you've no doubt been exposed to crappy Chinese knock-offs, the small novelty sizes and worst of all used corn cob pipes.  Not that a used, or "Estate" pipe is a bad thing, but come on!  These used pipes often sell for more than the price of a new pipe!  Insist on the real thing, and buy new Missouri Meerschaum pipes from
Thanks for your time, and may all your smoke rings be impressive.