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LIMITED OFFER: Genuine Missouri Meerschaum

"Homegrown Cobfoolery Seed Corn Kit"
Specifically sourced for our 2021 Cobfoolery Contest 'Homegrown Pipe' category.

When you think about it, there isn’t much to making a corn cob pipe; Drill a large hole into the core of a cob and insert a hollow dowel or section of bamboo. Yeah, that sounds simple enough but the challenge comes in when you start your search for the seed corn. Most corn grown today has been hybrid or even genetically modified to increase the yield of corn, not the growth of cobs. For 150 years Missouri Meerschaum has worked to hybrid the perfect corn plant that would yield large, woody cobs, and they wisely kept this seed a tightly held asset of the company, so those of us who have wanted to grow our own corn for corn cob pipes have been out of luck.  Until now! 

We are proud to be able to offer for the first time ever, genuine Missouri Meerschaum seed corn! That’s right, we were able to acquire from Missouri Meerschaum a small supply of their seed corn for a special “Homegrown Pipe” category of the 2020-21 Aristocob Cobfoolery contest. To make your corn cob pipemaking easy we are bundling with the seeds 2 genuine Missouri Meerschaum hardwood stems and bits, together with two Aristocob "Patented" golf-tee tampers into what we are calling our "Homegrown Cobfoolery Seed Corn Kit".  

Conversations with Missouri Meerschaum’s General Manager Phil Morgan led us to believe that your best approach to successfully growing your own corn would be to plant 9 seeds in a 3’ by 3’ square, with one plant centered in each square. That said, we are both concerned about the corn’s ability to germinate, so we will include extra seeds to increase your odds of success.  We predict that you will likely yield only two ears of corn that may be suitable for making a pipe, so we are including shanks and bits to complete two pipes. 

Here’s what’s included in each kit:

 9  Genuine Missouri Meerschaum corn seeds (You’ll actually receive 20 seeds to increase the odds of successful germination) Note that some of the seeds have a light blue coating, which is a fungicide. 

 2  Genuine Missouri Meerschaum non-filtred hardwood stems (shanks) with black steel ferrule

 2  Genuine Missouri Meerschaum Royal bits (stems): 1 black & 1 amber

 2  Genuine "Patented" Aristocob Golf Tee Tampers

Keep an eye out on our Cobfoolery blog at for planting, growing and harvesting tips.  Also, be sure to subscribe to the Aristocob Youtube channel for tip videos and announcements of some exclusive Homegrown Cobfoolery contests! Subscribe at and for good measure subscribe to the Aristocob Facebook page at for ongoing contest announcements. 

Exclusive contests? That’s right. Since it will take quite some time to grow, harvest, dry and ultimately produce the pipes, this category of the Aristocob Cobfoolery contest will run throughout 2020, with the actual “Homegrown Pipe” portion of the contest being conducted in April 2021.  


  • Due to limited availability, we must limit this to two kits per customer. 
  • Only those who purchase these “Homegrown Cobfoolery Seed Corn Kit” will be eligible to enter the "Homegrown" category of the 2021 Cobfoolery contest.


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by Don Miles
on 4/17/2019
seed now ordered
Okay I put my order in for seed now. I'm glad to see that now you have a photo of the actual pipe corn seed instead of that silly sweetcorn seed.
by Don Miles
on 1/30/2019
I'm not so sure about this product because the seeds in the picture are not for the kind of corn used in the Missouri corn cob pipes and I can't find any contact info for this company. Looks a bit suspicious.

Reply from Scott: Don, I just saw your note on our website stating skepticism in the authenticity of the seed corn offered in our Homegrown Cobfoolery kits. I can assure you that these are as stated and were supplied to us by Phil Morgan, the General Manager of Missouri Meerschaum, though you are correct about the seeds shown in the photo, which were stand-ins! As further evidence you need only visit the Cobfoolery blog at to view photos of some of the past year's crops that were submitted by customers. Heck, if you search "Homegrown Cobfoolery" on Youtube you can even see videos that were posted as status reports by some past growers. Our company has two email addresses, this one and one that is used for order inquiries and that is featured prominently on our Home page:

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